We help brands and people shift the needle.

From marketing strategy and campaign delivery, to business coaching and personal development.

If you’re hungry to advance to the next level, or facing a crisis from the competition, we can help create the clarity and focus you need to give you the business edge.

We believe in a pragmatic and waffle-free approach.
We value sharp thinking and creativity.
We focus on results and real world impact.

We’re a team of experienced partners with expertise across:

  • Brand development
  • Creative identity
  • Marketing strategy
  • Consumer research
  • Campaign development
  • Media planning
  • Agency pitches
  • Business coaching
  • Recruitment
  • Team development
  • Leadership training

McB consultancy can help, when your business really needs it

Whether you are setting up from scratch, or redefining your purpose, McB has the experience and skills to help.

Our consultancy projects help at points of pressure, bringing in experienced partners who understand how to get things done.  From recruiting your first team, to writing your first marketing strategy; from setting up consumer segmentation programmes, to creating striking visual identities, we have been there and delivered it before.  We can integrate with the team, or deliver specific tasks, whatever helps you move forward.

McB will boost your team and your output when you need it most.

Consultancy clients

Creating strategy for global brand franchises Dr Who, BBC First, BBC Brit

Relaunching the global digital business, home of the Wizarding World

Rationalised and re-developed brand portfolio of global TV network

Relaunching an iconic brand for a 21st century audience

Redefining the brand for a broader more competitive edge

Delivery of retail marketing strategy, consumer segmentation and onboarding the CMO

Various projects including work with Marketing & Audiences team to set culture and vision

Coaching from McB is a key way to help you get smarter, do better.

We help our clients realise their best potential – with a pragmatic approach based on sound business experience.

Our aim is to help you uncover the most accurate picture of yourself, and then to build from there. Whether you want to discover your inner leader, bed-in change, gear up for launch, or on-board new teams, we can help.

Using a range of techniques, including the McB Brand Lighthouse, we help you articulate a clear and motivating future vision, and work on the ‘gap’ between there and now.

A conversation with McB is all about a better performance.


Coaching clients

Coaches at McB have one important thing in common: a professional background in business.

From entrepreneurs to SMEs, from global networks to start ups, we are particularly well versed in the trials and tribulations of making business work.

So if you need a partner who genuinely understands the world you’re operating in, get in touch.

Eleanor McBrien

With a career spanning over 20 years in media and entertainment, Eleanor has a solid grounding in what makes people tick in the real world of business.

Founder of Marketing Consultancy and Coaching Practice McB, and qualified as a Business Coach with Meyler Campbell, accredited with the Association for Coaches, Eleanor offers a direct, challenging and supportive resource for those at the top, who wish to be better.

Eleanor draws on her experience of working in different business structures, sectors, and roles throughout her career, including running a UK media business, leading global network teams, and running her own consultancy.

Eleanor is passionate about supporting her clients to create the clarity and focus they need to move forward.

Clare Downes

Clare has extensive experience working in the enterprising world of SMEs, start-ups and family businesses, running her own brand communication agency since 2001.

This experience of agile thinking – and the tenacity to innovate and survive, is what she brings to her coaching approach, combined with a touch of her sporting background (Clare once represented England at Lacrosse!).

“Eleanor’s unique blend of emotional, intellectual intelligence and work experience has brought insight and energy to my career development. She has that uncanny ability to quickly build a positive relationship whilst simultaneously challenging behaviour and approach – and seems to get away with it!”

Henri Stuart-Reckling
Global Digital Director

“Sessions with Eleanor have been a revelation to me. She has an excellent skill at focusing her questions, being direct and sometimes quite challenging, which is exactly what is needed. Sessions are exercise for the mind, in a good way, and I always leave feeling really motivated, with some key points to work towards before the next session. I would recommend Eleanor to any individual or business looking to give their teams clarity and focus on their goals. I certainly think it has improved the way I think about my role, do business and tackle work challenges.”

Gemma Ballinger
Client Services Director
Studio Output

“Eleanor comes highly recommended. She combines sharp and incisive insight with an emotionally intelligent reading of how I overcome blocks and find clearer paths to progress. Her approach is warm and considered, and layered with brilliant observations and ideas that are both motivating and stimulating. She has real depth, able to adapt and offer expert analysis whatever I bring to the table. Eleanor doesn’t come to these with an ‘off the shelf’ solution. She puts an enormous amount of effort into working with the nuances and complexities of my style and what I need. Over the course of my sessions with Eleanor the fog has lifted. A huge knot has been untangled.”

Jon Farrar
SVP Global Programming and Acquisition
BBC Worldwide

“Eleanor is a fantastic coach. She has the ability to get to the heart of an issue and to surface things that I otherwise would not have considered to be an issue – that’s the real benefit.

She has helped me to think more deeply about certain challenges and opportunities that I faced, enabling me to make an important professional leap forwards in my career.

As a result I now feel more confident in my abilities as a leader and in the value I bring to the business.

Thank you!”

Faye Harcourt
Vice President, Marketing

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